New Book: The Alabama Bankruptcy Book

I have redone my book.  It is now The Alabama Bankruptcy Book.  It still has the Bankruptcy Myths from the prior book, but now has about 20 more pages with Answers to Common Bankruptcy Questions.  The best part is that is FREE to Alabama residents with no strings attached.  Now you can get the info you need to see if bankruptcy will work for you without having AlabamaBankruptcyBookCoverBto see a lawyer first.  If you would like a copy of the book, click on the Contact Me link on the top left side of this page.  No one will call or bother you.

This book will dispel many myths and answer many questions regarding bankruptcy such as:

  • The effects of the Bankruptcy Reform Act (HINT -- Bankruptcy still works)
  • What happens to your stuff
  • How to save your house or car from foreclosure or repossession?
  •  How to stop lawsuits, garnishments, and collection calls and letters?
  • How you can still file and keep your property under the “new” laws?
  • How you can still get credit after you have filed bankruptcy?
  • How to wipe out credit card debt, medical bills and other debt?


 Don't believe the myths.  Educate yourself and don't let debt keep you down.